SOMFY R&T 2015

Somfy commissioned Les Crayons for the design of this 1200m² exhibition area demonstrating the latest home automation, security and automated home and business access solutions.

A specific design framework was imposed for the stand; a central animated area with a simple, fluid distribution of the exhibits working out from it and outer conviviality areas for contact and business. Based on the very simple principle that all the equipment was part of the same ecosystem, we designed flexible, fluid shapes for the exhibition spaces, bringing them alive with projections, directional sound effects and dynamic lighting. All of these areas were placed on a platform with an inclined base accessible from all 4 sides and the whole stand was shrouded by an ethereal layer of light to delimit it.

LOCATION : Stuttgart Messe, Stuttgart, Germany
DATE : 2015
CLIENT : Somfy
PRODUCER : Les Crayons
POSITION : Joint Scenographer