“Quebec, a land where life is good!“

Designed by creative and art director Joël Legendre, the parade spanned three major themes with three allegorical, emblematic floats and 6 animated scenographically designed tableaux..

The first float, “Land of Fertility”, was decked out as a blue and white thicket of maple trees and distributed products from Quebec to the onlookers.

The second float, “Land of History”, staged the bourgeoisie of Montreal sitting at a huge table of in the shade of the trees, an evocation of the establishment of the first Constitution in 1834 in one of the gardens in the city.

The last tableau, “Land of Welcome” with its food-providing tree of life in the middle, highlighted the multi-cultural openness of the Quebec.

Additional documentation
Bérubé - Parade in Montreal 26-06-2015

Location: Montreal, Canada
Date: June 2015
Client: Comité de la Fête Nationale du Québec, Montreal
Position: Scenographer
Producer: Comité de la Fête Nationale du Québec, Montreal
Artistic director: Joël Legendre

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