swords of legends

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The exhibition combines weapons and armor as well as many original pieces from the collections of the heritage department of Ariège and the Massena museum in Nice with the collection of the Artemis association, consisting of weapons and fashioned accessories. for the films "Star Wars", "Lord of the Rings", "GOT", "Highlander" ... in all, a hundred artefacts exist side by side.

This play of truth and falsehood is accentuated by the graphic treatment of spaces such as the exhibition walls fully illustrated and cut out, the treatment of the floors, the light and the sound system of the spaces which shift the gaze of visitors even further to the original pieces. and mirroring them with inspired copies.

Additional documentation
Sites touristiques Ariège - "Swords of Legends, from Excalibur to Lightsaber" exhibition
Ariège Le Département - Château de Foix, these medieval swords that inspire cinema 27-07-2020

Location: Musée du Château de Foix, France
Date: from June 2020 to December 2022
Area: 220 m²
Project management: Conseil départemental de l’Ariège
Position: Scenographer, general contractor
Exhibition curators: Soline Anthore, Nicolas Baptiste, association Artemis
Graphic design: Sir Blondin

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