the toulouse tourist office

| multimedia scenography |

The mission was to define, with the client and the architect, all the equipment that can distribute the multimedia content necessary for the operation of the tourist office by synchronizing them and integrating them into the new facilities.

As the role of advisers should be made easier, a very detailed study was carried out so that the ergonomics of the mediation tools could be adapted.

Some of the equipment has been developed in self-service, touch screens and diffusion screens for agendas and the promotion of events and a photobooth. The space was "mapped" from a synchronized projection to a video wall and architectural lighting in the office to create a one-hour loop.

Location: Donjon of the Capitol, Toulouse, France
Date: March 2020
Area: 90 m²
Project management: Agence d’attractivité de Toulouse Métropole
Position: Scenographer
Mandatary: Agence HARTER
Graphic design: Gwenaelle Grandjean

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